Jr.FLL THINK TANK World Festival Expo Team Application

Thank you for your interest in attending the Jr.FLL THINK TANKSM Jr.FLL® World Festival Expo held April 23-25, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Before you fill out this application please take a minute to read through the information below.

  • Registration fee is $300 per team.
  • Teams chosen to participate in the 2015 World Festival Expo need to be prepared to participate in ALL days of the event (at least 2 team members). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Jr.FLL has a 6 team member limit. Participation in the event is limited to the 6 team members.  All of our planning for the event is based on a 6 team member limit, please help us in adhering to that rule.  Please do not ask if you can bring extra team members.
  • You must complete your team profile on the Jr.FLL Online Showcase in order to be chosen to participate.
  • Teams are responsible for paying for and providing transportation, lodging and meals for all team members and chaperones while attending the event.
  • Information in the Jr.FLL registration system including team name and number of team members will be used for Championship booklet & announcements – please ensure that it is correct.  For teams outside the US/CAN the information on this form will be used, please fill it out completely.
  • Only official Jr.FLL teams will be able to participate in the World Festival Expo. 
  • Selection process for teams is a lottery.  All teams have an equal possibility of being selected.  Just because you attended in a previous year does not mean you will or will not be selected. 
  • If you have multiple teams and one is chosen to attend, it is not guaranteed the other will be chosen as well.  The invitation is for that team number ONLY. The selection process for the teams is a lottery.
  • All teams are invited to apply.  The Jr.FLL World Festival Expo is open to teams worldwide.
  • We expect to send out official invitations for the World Festival Expo starting in January so make sure to get your application in even if your season is not yet complete.

* Required