Using Samantha Debug Log

Using SamoDbLg.exe:  Samantha Debug Log

Run SamoDbLg.exe before starting the FCS.
Start the FCS and run matches normally.
SamoDbLg will save debug data to the log while matches are played.
When done, closing the FCS will close the debug file.
You can view the debug log using a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.
Navigate to the FCS Installation folder, C:...Samantha Field Control System.

Select and start the SamoDbgLg.exe program.



 image2 image3
Select the 'Browse' [...]  button. In your folder, name the file, select Save.



Select the OK button.

Joystick Frequency: The approximate number of packets per second (plus 10) to send to the Samantha module.
Enable Fake Debug:  Used to test Samantha without a NXT connected.
Require Joystick:  Has NXT send replies to FCS for every message received.