Team Blast - 10-16-13

FTC Team E-Blast!

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  1. Don't forget to register for your FTC Event
  2. Did you fill out your team shipping information in TIMS?
  3. Reminder for Veteran Teams that registered a Rookie Team
  4. FTC Resources Available
  5. New Gracious Professionalism Video
  6. Updated FTC BLOCK PARTY! Field Build Guides
  7. Go paperless and use STIMS for your consent and release forms
  8. FTC Robotics for Mentors and Coaches course available now!

    1. Registered for the season and excited to start competing?  Don't forget you also need to register for your events with your tournament organizer.

    To find an event, and to learn how to register, visit and search for FTC BLOCK PARTY! events.

    Whats going on


    2.  Did you remember to fill out your team shipping contact in your Team Information Management System (TIMS) record?  We rely on the accuracy of this information to get your registration kit and LabVIEW software to you.  

    Not sure yours is up to date?  Log in to the system and check under the Team Summary section.      

    3.  If you are a Veteran FTC Team that also registered a Rookie Team and received an FTC Rookie Grant for that team, please remember you must also complete your Veteran Team registration in TIMS.  Veteran Teams who fail to register their team will be invoiced for the cost of the FTC Rookie Team Grant.


    4.  Need training resources to get your FTC Team off the ground?  We've been hard at work to get you the best tools possible.  Visit the Team Resource page for the latest Team materials.

    Coaches and Mentors can get help too.  Visit the Mentor Resource page for more info.

    5.  Gracious Professionalism is the hallmark of every FIRST program and it's a key aspect of successful FTC Teams.  We recently teamed up with Dr. Woodie Flowers, who coined the term, to shoot a short new video on the topic.  Check it out on YouTube and share it with your Team!

    GP with Woodie Flowers

    FTC BLOCK PARTY! Logo 6.  The FTC BLOCK PARTY! Playing Field Guide and the Playing Field Setup Guide have been updated.  Also available are instructions for contructing the LED Balance Indicator.  You can download these guides from the FTC Game Page -
    7.  Did you know that FIRST collects and files each and every Consent and Release form from every competition each year?  That's nearly 30,000 pieces of paper - just for FTC.  Now, you can go green by using the Student Team Information Management System (STIMS) to collect  parental permission electronically (ages 13+).  Learn more about how you can save a tree by visiting the STIMS FAQ page.  Students under the age of 13 must bring their completed paper consent and release form to their first official event. STIMS - Go Green!
    Robot and Computer

    8.  Are you a Coach or Mentor who wants to learn more about the ins and outs of building an FTC Robot?  Then try the FTC Robotics for Mentors and Coaches Continuing Education Unit.  This course will walk you through the basics of building and programming your robot and, because the course is IACET certified, you may be eligible to receive continuing ed. credit for taking the course.  

    Visit to sign up for an account.