Team Resources

This section contains tools and references to help Teams throughout their season. 

Important Links

Build Resources

Design Resources

FTC Robot Wiring Guide (coming soon) PTC for FIRST Teams
Sample Engineering Notebook FTC Kit of Parts and Field CAD Drawings
Matrix and TETRIX Kit of Parts
Robot Bill of Material Template
TETRIX Mastery - Getting Started Guide and more

Sensor Resources

Samantha Module Wiring Guide for Matrix FTC Sensor Guide - NEW
  Purchase FTC Sensors and IR Beacons -

Programming Resources


The Field Control System

LVLM FTC Toolkit (required for LVLM users) Field Control System User's Guide for Teams
ROBOTC for FTC ( Field Control System Ver. 3.0.6 Download
Field Control System (Mac beta version - not for competition use)

WiFi Resources

Setting up the Field Control System video
Samantha Module User Guide - NEW Field Control System setup wizard (.exe)
Samantha Module Placement Best Practices video 
Samantha Module Troubleshooting video

Preparing for Competition

Updating Samantha Module Firmware video Getting Ready for Competition 
Samantha Module firmware update video FTC Team Judging Session Self-Reflection - NEW
Samantha Light Code Guide FTC Awards Descriptions
Samantha Module Router Configuration Guide

FTC Training Videos

Marketing and Fundraising

FTC YouTube Channel

FIRST Fundraising Toolkit

FTC Training Videos for Download
FTC Fundraising Guide Gear Up with FTC!: Virtual Summer Conference
FIRST Green e-watt saver fundraising program
FTC Promotional Photos

Team Outreach

FIRST and FTC Logos Making It Loud (coming soon!)
Promotional literature about FIRST
2013 FTC Power Point Presentation
Tips for shooting quality cell phone video
FTC Grants
FTC Rookie Grant Promotional Graphic
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