FTC Registration and Costs

We're happy you've decided to join FTC. To begin, spend some time learning the steps to Start a Team. Once you're familiar with the process, select the icons below to learn about what you will need to start your team*. Then click the "Register Now" button to begin the registration process in the Team Information Management System (TIMS).

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Payment terms and conditions

Program Registration

Samantha WiFi Module


TETRIX Kit of Parts

MATRIX Kit of Parts

LVLM 2012


Event Registration

Additional Season Costs

Additional registration resources:


FTC Tournament Event Registrations:

Once you have registered with FTC, find an event(s) in your region by visiting Teams and Events in My Area


Events are organized by our volunteer Affiliate Partners, so the registration process and costs vary from event to event.

Tournament event registration fees are paid to the event organizer, not directly to FTC.  For questions regarding event registration, please contact your local FTC representative.