Mentor Resources

FIRST Tech Challenge Mentors are faced with the challenging and rewarding task of leading their students on an exciting journey into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This can seem overwhelming, especially if you're a non-technical mentor. There are also challenging, non-technical aspects of FTC, like fund raising and team building. This page is a compilation of links and resources that will help you on your journey into FTC.

Team Management

Mentor Resources

Team Information Management System (TIMS) FTC Mentor Guide
Youth Team Member Registration System FTC Mentor Quick Start Guide Video Training
Team Grant FAQ
FTC Robotics for Coaches and Mentors Course
Recognizing Seniors (coming soon) Building Teams that Build Robots
FTC Sample Budget

Classroom Resources

FIRST Non-Engineering Mentor Organization
TETRIX Mastery - Getting Started Guide and more (Also applies to Matrix users) FIRST Youth Protection Program
ROBOTC Curriculum for TETRIX/Matrix Gear Up with FTC!: Virtual Summer Conference
FIRST Standards Alignment Report (2012) Dean's List Submission Guide for Mentors - NEW