Inspire Award

This formally judged award is given to the team that truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FTC program. The team that receives this award is chosen by the judges as having best represented a ‘role-model‘ FTC Team. This team is a top contender for all other judging categories and is a strong competitor on the field. The Inspire Award Winner is an inspiration to other teams, acting with Gracious Professionalism™ both on and off the playing field. This team is able to communicate their experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge to other teams, sponsors, and the Judges. Working as a unit, this team will have demonstrated success in accomplishing the task of creating a working and competitive robot.

In past seasons, the winner of the Inspire Award at each tournament level has received an automatic invitation to the next tournament level.  Once a team has won an Inspire Award at a Championship, they are no longer eligible to win the Inspire Award at additional championship tournaments they may attend. Similarly, once a team wins an Inspire Award at a Qualifying tournament, they are no longer eligible to win the Inspire Award at subsequent Qualification tournaments within the same region.

Guidelines for the Inspire Award:

  • Team must demonstrate respect and Gracious Professionalism both for team members and fellow teams
  • Team is a strong contender for all Judged awards. The Inspire Award is based on the guidelines for all of the Judged Awards
  • Engineering Notebook must be submitted, and must include an Engineering Section, a Team Section and a Business or Strategic Plan. The entire Engineering Notebook must impress the judges
  • Team demonstrates and documents their work in their community spreading awareness of the team, FIRST, and FTC within the community
  • Team displays good communication and teamwork skills within the team as well as with their alliance partners
  • Team communicates clearly about their robot design and strategy to the judges
  • Team presents themselves well in the judges’ interview
  • Robot and team effectively competes in the game challenge and impresses the judges
  • Team and robot consistently perform well during matches