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Presenting the 2013-2014 FTC BLOCK PARTY!sm 

Welcome to the 2013-2014 FTC BLOCK PARTY!sm Below, you will find all of the documenation on the game and how to build an official field.  

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 FTC BLOCK PARTY Game Manual Part 1 - Rev. 1.1 (PDF) 

FTC BLOCK PARTY! Field Setup Guide

FTC BLOCK PARTY Game Manual Part 2 (PDF)

Build Guide Supplement: LED Balance Arm Indicator 

FTC BLOCK PARTY! One Page Game Description (PDF)

FTC BLOCK PARTY! Field Bill of Materials

2013-2014 Game Animation - (.mov)|(.mpg)

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Transcript (PDF) | (.DOC)

FTC BLOCK PARTY! Field BOM Shopping Guide
2013-2014 FTC Mentor Guide Low-cost Field Perimeter Build Guide

FTC BLOCK PARTY! Field Build Guide
FTC BLOCK PARTY Game Logos (.zip)
Robot Bill of Materials Template

FTC Forum Answered Questions


Updated 4/17/14

Team Robot Self-Inspection Checklist

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