What does it cost?

The following budget is for a new team purchasing an FTC kit of parts and participating in one event.  If your team chooses to purchase additional kits and/or participate in multiple events, the fees would vary accordingly.  Travel costs vary due to the distance and time needed to travel to an event.  For pricing outside of North America, contact your Affiliate Partner.

Sample Budget Download (PDF)

FTC Costs for the 2013-2014 Season (Required Items) U.S. Canada Mexico
North America Registration $275 $275 $275
Samantha WiFi Module $85 $85 $85
Event Registration $0-$300 - event registration is handled by the Affiliate Partner in your region.

*Also available as part of the TETRIX Competition Kit

TETRIX Kit of Parts (Optional) U.S. Canada Mexico
2013-14 TETRIX® Competition Kit (with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT)   $665 $704 TBD
2013-14 TETRIX® Competition Kit (w/o LEGO MINDSTOMRS NXT) $450 $488 TBD
2013-14 TETRIX® Resource Kit $199 195.95 TBD
MATRIX Kit of Parts (Optional) U.S. Canada Mexico
2013-14 MATRIX® Bundle Kit $490 TBD TBD
Bundle includes: Base Set, Competition Set, HiTechnic IR Seeker, HiTechnic IR Beacon    
HiTechnic IR Seeker $49.95 TBD TBD
HiTechnic IR Beacon 38.95 TBD TBD

*Original price: $788. The reduced pricing on the MATRIX Budled Kit is courtesy of a $386.90 grant from HiTechnic. This grant is managed by HiTechnic and Matrix Robotics.

Other Costs**
Travel - Food, lodging, gas, etc. $0-$500
Team apparel, buttons, handouts, etc. $0-$150
Additional parts - sensors, motors, etc. $0-$500

**These costs vary based on your team’s level of involvement.