Ask an Expert Conference Calls

"Ask an Expert" Calls are webinars or teleconferences featuring FTC subject matter experts and are designed to provide training on a variety of topics.  

Once a call is complete, the recording or webinar is posted to this page for download.

2013-2014 Ask an Expert online trainings

Upcoming trainings:

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Past 2013-2014 Trainings:

Marketing and business Strategies for Successful FTC Teams 

Experts: FTC Team Beta and FTC Team the Bears

Team 3550, Beta from Iowa, and Team 3141, The Bears from Mexico, talk about how they've successfully used business plans, marketing and branding to build a better team. 

Engaging Girls in STEM Education with FIRST

Experts: Navrina Singh, Qualcomm R&D; Trish Tierney, Institute of International Education; Jackie Meissner, Mentor, FRC Team 16 and STEM educator

Overview:  Join us as we talk to leaders in the STEM field about the need for young women to pursue STEM careers and how to encourage them to do so.

The FIRST Scholarship Program and the College Admissions process

Experts: Michelle Long, FIRST Scholarship Program Manager and Kate Caulfield, Assistant Director of Admissions at Olin College of Engineering

Overview:  Is your high school graduation right around the corner?  Then join us as we talk about the FIRST Scholarship Program, the admissions process and best practices for how to make your application stand out!

Engineering for FIRST Teams

Experts: Mike Meholensky, Senior Electrical Engineer at Rockwell Collins; Charlie Blair, Project Lead the Way Engineering Teacher

Overview: Join real-world engineers Mike Meholensky, of Rockwell Collins, and Charlie Blair, a PLTW engineering instructor, to learn about what it means to pursue a career in engineering.  

Fundraising for FIRST Teams

Experts: FRC Team Exploding Bacon; FTC Team Tesla; Renee Becker, FIRST VISTA

Overview: Join experienced members of the FIRST community as they discuss strategies for sustaining a team through fundraising, gaining (and keeping) sponsors and hear about a new fundraising training kit to be released this Fall.


Expert: Tim Friez, ROBOTC Senior Software Engineer

Overview: Tim Friez, ROBOTC Senior Software Engineer, goes over the basics of ROBOTC programming for FTC.  


Expert: Hunter Smith, National Instrument's K-12 Engineering Specialist

Overview: Join Hunter Smith, National Instrument's K-12 Engineering Specialist, as he goes over the basics of LVLM 2012 for FTC.  This is a great opportunity to get an overview of the environment, learn from an expert and ask questions.

FTC Mentoring 101

Expert: Jill Wilker, FTC Affiliate Partner, Northern California

Overview: Join Jill Wilker, the Northern California FTC Affiliate Partner, as she talks through important aspects of leading your FTC Team.  This webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about the program and ask questions about mentoring your team.

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