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(a) Where to Send Questions for Official Answers
(b) The FIRST Community

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(a) Where to Send Questions for Official Answers:

FRC Team Support (8:30am-5pm EST) 1-800-871-8326 ext 0 and frcteams@usfirst.org

Find your local Regional staff. Regional Directors are the primary FIRST representative in the field, working to support sustainable teams and events. They can connect you if there are Senior Mentors or VISTA volunteers in your area, and to the local Regional Planning Committee.

FIRST Senior Mentors

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA program

(b) The FIRST Community

FIRST Forums: This is the place for official discussions about FIRST program and mission

NEMO: Non Engineering Mentors Organization
. Your directory and source for the non-technical content all teams need. a "support group and information exchange" for all those non-engineers who are just as essential to their teams as the engineers. NEMO Resources page containing "How-to" papers on running a team

Chief Delphi Forums: Chief Delphi, Team 47, Pontiac, MI, is the communications center for many FIRST teams. The "white pages" section offers valuable information on many FIRST topics. The online meeting place of the FRC Community.

Think Tank through WPI

Rural Team Resources: FRC Team 103 has established an online network to assist rural teams

Workshops, Conferences and Curriculum

Team 1114 workshops

FIRST Robotics Resource Center (An archive of workshop and conference presentations)

The Blue Alliance
(Match video archives & workshops):