FRC Kit of Parts Replacement Parts Process

Replacement Parts Request

Use the 2014 Kickoff Kit Checklist (published at Kickoff) to inventory your Kickoff Kit. The inventory must be completed within 48 hours of receiving the kit in order to determine that all items are present. The first column on the checklist should be marked when the item and quantities are correct. Photos are included in the checklist in case you are not sure what a particular part looks like. If you find that certain parts are missing or damaged, you will need to submit a "Replacement Parts Request" by Noon (EST) January 10, 2014. The Replacement Parts Request link will be posted on the Team Information Management System (TIMS) after the Kickoff event. Replacement parts will be shipped only via this online request system. The steps required to submit a Replacement Parts Request (after Kickoff) are as follows:

  • Log into TIMS with your Logon ID and Password
  • Click on the "Submit a Replacement Parts Request" link on right side of the Team Summary page
  • Follow TIMS instructions to complete a Replacement Parts Request. Please be specific when describing the issue with the part (missing, damaged, etc).

Please remember that this is a time limited, one-time only opportunity to submit your Replacement Parts Request. Make sure that your request is both accurate and complete prior to pressing the "Submit Request" button. Once the request is submitted you cannot make any changes to it. Please note that the system will not allow teams to request a quantity of parts higher than the number originally sent with the kit. This system is also not to be used to order additional and/or purchased parts. Any kit irregularities must be reported by Noon (EST) January 10, 2014 per the instructions in this document. Replacement Parts Requests will be processed daily and shipped during the next open shipping window. Items will be shipped to the shipping contact listed in your team’s TIMS record. For teams that have their kits shipped directly to them at their expense, you must email within 48 hours of KOP receipt. Please be sure to include your team number, part name, description, quantity required, and description of the reason for the request (missing, damaged, etc).

Obtaining Additional or Spare Parts

Depending on what parts are left over after kitting and replacement parts shipments, FRC will provide spare parts at the Regional events. The items included in this limited group will be posted before the Event season. If your robot uses parts that are not included on this list, and there is a reasonable possibility that the part could be damaged or broken during competition, it is recommended that you bring the appropriate spare parts with you to events in accordance with the game manual. If, at any event, your team needs to borrow a cRIO-FRC, Driver Station component, Power Distribution Board, Digital Sidecar, or Analog/Solenoid Breakout, additional collateral will be required and defined closer to the Event season. Some parts will be available to teams that wish to purchase more. The resources available vary by part.