Kit of Parts


There are three components to the 2014 Kit of Parts (KOP)

Kickoff Kit

These items are delivered to Teams at their Local Kickoff site.

Black Tote:

    • These are the items that go to all Teams.
    • Checklist (updated 1/7/2014)
    • Sizes: Tote - 18" x 27" x 13", Separate Items - small box
    • Weights: Tote - 60 lbs, Separate Items - <10 lb

Green Tote:

    • These are the items that go to all Rookie Teams.
    • Checklist
    • Sizes: Tote - 18" x 27" x 13", Separate Item - USB Key
    • Weight: Tote - 42 lbs, USB Key - 0.25 lb

AndyMark Drive Base Kit (AM14U):

If you find that parts in your Kickoff Kit are missing or damaged, please tell us using our Replacement Parts Process by January 10, 2014.

To see the differences between the Kickoff Kits received by Rookie and Veteran Teams, please refer to the 2014 Rookie / Veteran KOP Variation Table.

If you want to find your own spare or replacement parts, use this Where to Get More (updated 2/11/14) document to get information about sourcing Kickoff Kit items.

FIRST Choice

FIRST Choice is a menu of items available to registered 2014 FRC teams, for free, as part of their Kit of Parts. Starting November 25, 2013, Teams will be able to view some of the items that will be available. Starting December 9, 2013, Teams' log-in credentials will be available in TIMS so that teams can test the log-in capabilities of the site. On 12/29/13, Teams may log in to the FIRST Choice site, hosted by AndyMark, and use a set number of credits to select items they wish to receive. The FIRST Choice program will close on April 18.

Teams will receive 150 credits on 12/29, and an additional 450 credits at Kickoff.

To see the parts available this year, visit the AndyMark FIRST Choice site

To understand the process and expectations, review the FIRST Choice Ordering Rules

The overall FIRST Choice process is illustrated below.

Virtual Kit

These items are available to Teams directly from the Supplier either via download or custom order. This part of the Kit opens to teams on December 14, 2013. More items will be added at Kickoff!

Product Donation Vouchers

AndyMark - for Teams who opted out of the Kit of Parts Drive System. Voucher code is available in TIMS. - see the flyer in your Black Tote for more information

BaneBots - use your Team's code in TIMS to get free BaneBots parts

Bimba - select up to three pneumatic cylinders

IFI - use your Team's code in TIMS to select either Victors or Jaguars, plus other free items, from IFI

Inventables - use your Team's code in TIMS to get free Inventables parts

MaxBotix - see the flyer in your Black Tote for more information

RoboRealm - see the flyer in your Black Tote for more information

Vulcan Spring - see the flyer in your Black Tote for more information

Software Downloads

For help modeling for use on a 3D Systems Cube, they've donated three pieces of software:

    • Cubify Invent - Easy to learn and made for the Cube, beginner 3D Printing design software.
    • Cubify Sculpt - Equips you with virtual clay to take the intimidation out of making something from nothing. Mold, modify or mash-up an original design or import and adapt an existing model with ease. 
    • Cubify Design - Go-to toolbox for advanced modeling projects. Take advantage of CAD features like complex assemblies and functionality of parts. Share with 2D drawings and easily export to your 3D printer when ready. 

For help designing circuit boards, Altium has donated their Designer Software

GitHub is offering free software hosting and collaboration tools for FRC Teams. Teams can request a free Silver Organization account from the GitHub Education page.

To make it easier for teams to design the next great robot, FIRST has partnered with Autodesk, to provide Autodesk® Design Academy 2014 software licenses to schools who have a FIRST program.

PTC offers free Product Development Software to all FIRST teams. PTC software will enable collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance accuracy during your team’s Robot Design Process. 

New to the Virtual Kit is SolidWorks. Available for teams is SolidWorks 3D CAD and SolidWorks Electrical. SolidWorks is fulfilling software requets in 3 business days, with FRC Teams taking priority.

Analyze data with Tableau Professional. Use the code in TIMS for five copies per team.


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