Email Blast- Message from FIRST President Don Bossi


Dear FIRST® Community,

Thank you for welcoming me and my family into the FIRST community this past June. This summer, we relocated to be near FIRST Headquarters in Southern New Hampshire and continue to immerse ourselves in the activities, the excellence, and the excitement of all things FIRST. I look forward to working with you, your Coaches and Mentors, and all the Volunteers who give their precious time and expertise as they participate in the continued success of FIRST.

Those whom I have met in the past few months have learned about my leadership style and philosophy, and also about my impressions of FIRST—its areas of success and opportunities for growth. My impressions are definitely aligned with a recent word cloud (attached), which is comprised of your answers to a question we posed on the Official FIRST Facebook page -- What One Word Describes FIRST? Awesome! Amazing! Inspiring!

Here are a few of this “Rookie’s” top takeaways to date:

  • Our program is extraordinary, driven by the people involved. Our Students and Adult Volunteers excel and have so much to be proud of.
  • Our programs are rigorous and this pays off—not only in scholarship opportunities, but in core values. Developing a strong work ethic and character leads to success throughout life.
  • Our students, the Regional Planning Committees, our Affiliate Partners, Alliances, Sponsors, and Volunteers all have a shared goal—improving the potential of our youth.
  • Working closely together, we can meet the goal of access to FIRST programs in every school and region.
  • You are not only a part of FIRST; but are also in a unique position to be our future leaders in business, technology, and other fields.
  • Our community knows that great learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom walls—with assistance from professionals and through competitions and research studies.
  • At FIRST, there is camaraderie among parents, teachers, students, and Volunteers that is rare, a commitment to what is best for all. This is seen in the tremendous volunteerism, in attendance at events, and in the eyes of FIRST students as you reach for the stars!

Have a fun and rewarding FIRST experience this season! I hope to meet with many of you as my travels take me across the country and around the world to many upcoming Tournaments and Regional and District Events throughout the year.

Go Teams!

Don Bossi

President, FIRST®

(Aka – The Rookie)