Email Blast-Return of Weekly Email Blasts~ Free Upcoming Resources for FRC Teams~Beta Testing Application Deadline


Greetings Teams:

Return of Weekly Email Blasts: We are now returning to a weekly email blast schedule in an effort to keep you well-informed on the latest FRC news.  Be sure to check your inbox each Thursday for the FRC email blast, and don’t forget that we always post email blasts to the FRC Season News and Email Blasts page: You can even subscribe to an RSS feed to receive alerts when this page is updated!

Free Upcoming Resources for FRC Teams

Beta Testing Application Deadline — Friday, 9/6/13 at noon ET: As FRC prepares for the 2014 season, we are seeking a limited number of teams to assist us with Beta Testing new software. There are still open Beta Test spots available.  A limited number of teams may also be asked to test hardware elements of the control system. Interested teams should complete the Beta Test Application available here: by the deadline of Friday, 9/6/13 at noon ET

Teams selected to participate in Beta Testing will be notified by Thursday, 9/12/13. Please direct questions regarding submissions to

Go Teams!