My Responses, ‘Ask an Expert’, and a Longitudinal Study

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 15:44

Hello Teams,

My Responses

You may have noticed I’m occasionally responding to comments that are made on the FRC Blog.  I won’t be responding to every comment – I just don’t have time – and I am more likely to respond to comments if I think the response will help clarify an issue important to the broader community.  Asking a well-considered question also makes me more likely to respond.  I don’t mind tough questions – I get them every day -  but a well-considered question indicates to me the commenter has thought about the different sides of the issue, just like I need to do in my response.

‘Ask an Expert’ 

Our Senior Mentors will be hosting informational conference calls throughout the season to help teams prepare for 2013. Please visit: for information on conference call topics and dates.  The posted agendas will have call-in times and numbers.  The first call is tomorrow, and deals with picking a competition.  These calls are great ways to get information on specific topics.

Longitudinal Study

Attention all FRC teams in NY, NJ, VA, FL, MI, MN, TX, CA, OR, WAFIRST is seeking teams to participate in a Longitudinal Study.  If you are a: veteran team, from one of the 10 listed states, planning to participate in the 2013 season, and expecting new students to join your team, please consider helping with this research opportunity.  It’s very important to the future of FIRST.  An email detailing the study requirements will be sent out tomorrow afternoon from FIRST via FRC Teams.   Please review the email and consider participating in this important effort.

I’ll blog again soon.



What made you choose those specific states for consideration in the study? Potential Growth areas, future Districting, or some other reason? Thank you!

Great question! The Longitudinal Study will cover FLL and FTC in addition to FRC, and we need to focus our efforts on a limited number of states to keep the project manageable. These particular states happen to have a substantial portion of the teams in FRC, FTC, and FLL and have a good mix of community types and income levels. They are also geographically distributed. These states were recommended to us by Brandeis University, who is leading the study.

Thanks Frank. Was just curious.

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