FRC Expands Regionals to Four Days

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Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 16:36

Actually, we did this some time ago, when we started allowing teams, if they wished, to load-in at Regionals the day before practice day. Teams are only present for a short time during these load-in days, but this is an officially scheduled team activity, so we’ve started including this date on our event schedules here. It’s not a full day, but you should be considering it in your plans. Review the agendas for your events, when they are posted, for the full details. 

Hope we didn’t cause any panic.

Youth Protection Program Screening Required Before Event Registration

Hopefully most of you have heard about the new Youth Protection Program FIRST has. You can find details here.  

I just wanted to make sure you are aware that if you are an FRC Team from the United States or Canada, before you can register for events this year, both the Main Contact (Lead Mentor 1) and Alternate Contact (Lead Mentor 2) must complete the Youth Protection Program screening process. You can start this process now, and we encourage it! Entering the information you need to start the ball rolling is fast, but you won’t receive the necessary Youth Protection Clearance until the screening report is completed and returned to FIRST by our screening service provider, and that can take a few business days. Please don’t wait until the day before registration opens to start this, or worse, the day of registration. Please do this weeks in advance (now would be a good time!). If you wait too long, you will miss the opening of registration, and this would not be a path to happiness. No exceptions will be granted to this screening requirement.

If you have any questions about the Youth Protection Program, please contact our Youth Protection Department, 603-666-3906 Ext. 250 or 207.

Off-Season Event Results Being Posted

Check it out – we’ve started including the results of off-season events on our calendar. Look for off-season events marked with an asterisk, those are the events for which we have results. We’ve even got a few photos posted. To have your event or event results posted to the FRC Calendar, please email

We also want to send a big “Thank You” to all the Volunteers and Teams who are making FIRST Loud - even in the off-season!



Since this is now officially part of the calendar, will there be any announced guidelines for load-in as far as what teams are allowed to bring in and do? Some regional events make a big deal about not setting anything up, others allow you to plug in batteries, and others will let you construct an elaborate robot cave replete with the finest 3D printed components and titanium fasteners... seriously, would just like to see some guidelines from FIRST about what is allowed and what isn't. We liked being able to plugin and charge our batteries for what it is worth though.

You can not do this because think of the cost for us students to have money for food now ,but another day that would make a lout of first students quit their team because they can not afford the cost. Because first we have to get the cost to be on the team and I pay $150.00 n ow, not including food . And I love robotics and am going to go to tctc this year for engineering. Think of the middle class families that have trouble now. If you do this about of students like me will have no option but to quit because of financial issues.

As I say in the blog post, this isn't really a change, we're just going to begin listing the start date of the event as the load-in day, rather than practice day. Teams are not required to drop off their robots and equipment on load-in day, though many do. Load-in day is optional. You don't need to change the way you've been doing things, we're just trying to give a little more information to teams so they are aware there is an (optional, but official) activity on that first date we list.

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