FRC Community Tools Developers Conference for FMS API

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 14:59

Please see the note below from the FRC Engineering Team:

There are so many community developed tools that FRC teams and fans use throughout the season to keep tabs on their favorite teams and events, way too many to list. Until now, developers of those tools have been forced to scrape webpages or Twitter feeds for the data. This is not the best way for us to make the needed data available to those developers, and we want to change it.

Developing an API to allow developers access to event data is one of our key goals for this season. But, we want to make sure we’re getting developers the data they need in the way they need it. So, we’re going to be hosting an FRC Community Tools Developers Conference. This conference will give the FRC staff members developing the API the chance to hear directly from the users to ensure it’s everything we want it to be.

The conference is tentatively scheduled for the week of September 15, using an online tool like GoToMeeting.

If you have developed a tool and want to be a part of the conference, please fill out this survey telling us your name, email address, and the community tool you’d like to use the API for. The survey also asks what time of day works best for you. Once we’ve collected names, we’ll nail down an exact day and time. We’ll also send out a follow-up survey to pre-collect questions to be answered during the event. Please fill out the participation survey by 9/5.


ideally this is some restful public api with versioning built in. i would even opensource it on github or somewhere so people can easily post patches.
also it should use JSON as response formatting. (please no XML).
you should also require developer tokens to keep track of who is calling it, and how often (and get nice contact info).

Hi Benjamin - Thank you for your comment! We've posted all of the information about the FMS API on our TeamForge site for that project

Why isn't the live webcast available when it is suppose to be? Will it be available sometime today? Really looking forward to being able to access it since I am unable to be at competition in Duluth, MN.

Robotics/Team 2491

Northern Lights Regional
Duluth, MN, USA

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