2015 Kit of Parts

There are three components to the 2015 Kit of Parts (KOP)

Kickoff Kit

These items are delivered to Teams at their Local Kickoff site.

Specific details of this part of the KOP are To Be Announced.

Details on the 2015 Control System can be found here.

FIRST Choice

FIRST Choice is a menu of items available to registered 2015 FRC teams, for free, as part of their Kit of Parts. Starting November 25, 2014, Teams will be able to view items that will be available and create Priority Lists. Priority Lists will process on 12/4/2014 and Teams will be notified of their draft results on 12/5/2014. Starting December 6, 2014, Teams will be able to make traditional live orders. The FIRST Choice program will close on April 17, 2015.

A detailed explanation of the FIRST Choice process is available in this blog post.

Virtual Kit

These items are available to Teams directly from the Supplier either via download or custom order. 

Product Donation Vouchers

To Be Announced

Software Downloads

For help designing circuit boards, Altium has donated their Designer Software

GitHub is offering free software hosting and collaboration tools for FRC Teams. Teams can request a free Silver Organization account from the GitHub Education page.

CAD Software (open the PDF for instructions):




Analyze data with Tableau Professional. Use the code in TIMS for five copies per team.

GrabCAD Workbench is an easy web-based tool for managing and sharing CAD files of all types. Workbench is available to all FIRST teams at no charge. Sign up for a free trial then email sales@grabcad.com. Tell them the email address you registered with and how many seats you need.