Community Events (Unofficial)

Community events are organized by YOU and hosted by your community. Since they are unofficial FLL events, they can follow ANY format. Schools, libraries, museums, parks, gym, and arenas all make great venues for community events.

At some community events, teams get together and play a fewrounds of the Robot Game using their own Field Setup Kits. At others, teams display their Projects in a science fair-like atmosphere and invite influencers within their community to come see their proposed solutions. Teams DO NOT have to be judged and receive awards at community events - but they can! Many community events hand out certificates in lieu of trophies. But if you’re able to raise money to have trophies, you can purchase some cool FLL ones.

Learn more about the FIRST Youth Protection Program

Compile a program book for your event! Include information such as:

Don't forget to include the FLL and season logos.