Mentor Resources Library

I.   Team Organization and Management V.   Competitions
II.  Mentoring VI.  Teams
III. Building a Robot  VII. Who Can Help
IV.  Finances VIII. FIRST Youth Protection Program
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The contents of the FRC Mentor Resources Library have been accumulated and categorized through the efforts of many FRC Team Mentors and FIRST Senior Mentors. It is an exercise in Mentors helping Mentors. Their insight and contribution makes this offering possible.  FIRST would like to thank all of these dedicated volunteers for their time and support of this project.

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I. Team Organization and Management
(a) Communications with FIRST
(b) Timelines & Deadlines
(c) Handbooks and Manuals/DVDs
(d) Organizational Structure of Team

II. Mentoring
(a) FRC Mentor Welcome Packet
(b) Mentoring Guidelines
(c) Resources for Educators
(d) Screening

III. Building a Robot
(a) Design Process
(b) Kit of Parts (KOP)
(c) CAD & Autodesk
(d) Weight Management
(e) Programming & Software
(f)  Mechanical
(g) Pneumatics 
(h) Control System
(i)  Electrical/Wiring
(j)  Sensors
(k) Tools
(l)  Crates and Shipping
(m)Parts Vendors
(n) Building a practice field

IV. Finances 
(a) Business Plans
(b) Fundraising
(c) Sponsors
(d) Grants

V.  Competitions
(a) Pre Season meetings
(b) Event and Championship registration
(c) Regional Events
(d) Scouting
(e) Inspections
(f) Awards
(g) Travel

VI. Teams
(a) Who & Where are the teams?
(b) How to start a Team                 
(c) Recognition
(d) Outreach

VII. Who Can Help
(a) Where to send questions for Official answers
(b) The FIRST Community

VIII. FIRST Youth Protection Program