Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)

Position Summary- Key Volunteer Position

The Master of Ceremonies (a.k.a. MC or Emcee) is the individual primarily responsible for setting the tone of the competition. He/she creates and sustains an exciting and fun atmosphere throughout the event, is the most visible presence at the event; embodies the spirit of FIRST and is the consummate FIRST ambassador.  The MC works as a team with the Game Announcer to produce a well-organized, thrilling event.  The MC ensures the smooth flow of match play, and maintains the pace of the event.  This is a Key Volunteer Position that significantly impacts the quality of the competition. 

**FIRST Headquarters will provide pre-event training for this position.**

Position Overview

  • Opportunity to contribute to the successful execution of the competition; impact the quality of the event
  • Community exposure
  • High profile position, audible and visible presence at competition
  • Opportunity to set the pace of the event; impact overall quality of event
  • Opportunity to utilize and further develop public speaking skills
  • Physically active role
  • Positioned near the playing field, fast-paced action, ability to observe matches
  • Pre-Event Time Commitment
  • Significant level of responsibility
  • Opportunity to cultivate support for FIRST programs


  • Responsible for setting the tone of the competition
  • Works as a team with the Game Announcer to produce a well-organized, thrilling event
  • Ensures the smooth flow of match play, and maintains the pace of the event
  • Participate in Pre-Event Training

Experience and Skills Needed

  • First-year volunteer may serve in an apprentice role, working with a veteran MC
  • FIRST experience strongly preferred
  • Ability to "take charge"
  • Comfortable using a microphone and addressing a large crowd; vocally energetic
  • General knowledge of FIRST
  • Outgoing personality; high energy, sense of humor, creative, observant, mature
  • Public speaking experience highly preferred; TV/radio/acting experience ideal
  • Requires thorough knowledge of the game and match process
  • Self-directed individual
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Work well in a fast-paced environment
  • Collaborates well
  • Takes direction well

Time Commitment

Commitment:                 Minimum 2 1/2 days + Training

Approximate times:        Wednesday: 6 P.M. - 8 P.M.        (dependent upon Regional*)

                                      Thursday: 2 P.M. - 6 P.M.            Meet with Event Manager & Tech crew

                                      Friday: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M.

                                      Saturday: 8 A.M. - Completion


NOTE: Volunteers should arrive on site 15-20 minutes prior to start of every shift in order to allow time to check in at the Volunteer Registration desk. 


FIRST Headquarters, Blair Hundertmark and Dennis Howland, will provide pre-event training for this position. 

Reporting Relationships And Supervision

Direct supervision:  Event Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

*Please Note: Some events will not be conducting a Wednesday evening Volunteer Orientation and Training.