FRC Blogged - Team Counts, Kit of Parts Drive System Option, Windows 8

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 12:53

Team Counts

As of 10AM EST on Monday, 10/22, we had 2,166 teams registered or waitlisted for events.  That’s a little more than 18% greater than where we were last season at this point in the registration process.  Note that 2,166 is a larger number than is showing on our ‘What Events and Teams Are In My Area?’ page on website right now, because this page only shows teams registered for events, not those waitlisted.

Kit of Parts Drive System Option

689 veteran teams took advantage of the option to receive an AndyMark Product Donation Voucher in place of the standard Kit of Parts Drive System for the 2013 season.  Over 100 of those requests for the PDV came during the ‘extended deadline’ period, via email.  We’ll be including questions about this option in our Kit of Parts survey at the end of the season so we can find out how this change worked for teams.


Windows 8

The software we’re releasing for the 2013 season hasn’t been certified to work with Windows 8.  This doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that we can’t guarantee it, and we won’t be able to provide anything beyond cursory support if you decide to use it.  We will be incorporating testing with Windows 8 in future seasons.


More later this week.



May I suggest that considering a future driver station application for Windows RT devices, like the Microsoft Surface, could be a huge opportunity. Perhaps this could be something undertaken by the community, but I don't know if that's a technical possibility or not.

The Wind River installer for Windows 8 works, but you need to terminate some processes manually. Whenever the installer says its "Attempting to exec" something, you need to give it a few minutes to complete on its own, and then open up task manager and terminate any "tcl shell" processes you find. This will allow the installer to complete normally. Many people have reported it working successfully after installion, but I haven't been able to verify this too deeply myself.

Gabriele! I think he girls of AHN are rockin in the rbiotocs teams and well will be supportive and behind all your efforts to excell in these STEM infused program. Who says that girls can not build robts too! Good Luck in this Saturday States FTC competitons. You can watch the live stream of Satruday February 18th, 2012 live from Daytona Beach! http:\\stream.flfirst.orgWe ask all AHN and JHS to pray that we do a great job.Maria C. Farahmom of team memeber FTC 4960and proud mentor

I am mentoring a team who just purchased a new computer to use as the driver station. The new computer came with windows 8, since we were unable to get Windows 7 installed when we purchased the computer. I would like to know if we can get a license for Windows 7 through FRC, or do we have to purchase this on our own? I do not want the team to spend the money when next year you may have all software compatible with Windows 8.

Thank you,
Lisa Hicks

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