The thoughts of the FRC Staff are with the Boston bombing victims and their families and friends. 

I encourage anyone having sentiments they would like to express to add them to the comments section below.


SpaceX Internships

SpaceX Internships

I hope the students on our FRC teams are thinking about college and careers in science and technology. I recently blogged about the internship opportunity that SpaceX is offering FRC and FTC students.

If you are a High School Senior, you should seriously consider putting in an application. Participating in an internship is a great way to stand out in a competitive job market. And how cool would it be to tell your friends and family that you are interning at SpaceX?

Community Awards, the Dean’s List Finalist that Got Away, and Season Over?

Community Awards

Do you ever think to yourself “FRC should have an award for….(fill in the blank)”?  We sometimes get suggestions for new awards here at FIRST Headquarters.  It’s hard for us to accommodate these, as our current awards slate is very full, and fitting in and judging the awards we currently have is already a challenge.  However, this doesn’t mean those suggested awards don’t have merit!

Doing the Right Thing

Over the weekend I attended the Central Washington Regional at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.   My experience up until the final round was wonderful.  Folks were having fun, the volunteers were great, matches for the most part were running smoothly, I saw some terrific robots, and, I think, I made some new friends.  Things did not go as expected in the final round, though, and it caused some significant pain for many present.  I’d like to talk about this.

The Action, The Media and Technology Innovation Award and The Video Game

The Action

Stuck at home this weekend but still want to catch some FRC action?  Check out the links below for live broadcasts.