Australia Regional Event Logistics

If you go to the Australia Regional listing here, click the link, then click ‘Site Info’, you will find this document with updated details regarding logistics. If you are from outside of the country and thinking about traveling to this exciting new event, please read carefully!

myRIO Expansion Port - What's the Deal?

Today’s blog post, a long one, was written by Kate Pilotte, FRC Kit of Parts Manager, who’s facilitating the new control system efforts. 

$20 Million in available scholarships

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The 2015 FIRST Scholarship Program is now up to over $20 million in available opportunities being offered by almost 150 Providers!

In the coming weeks and months we’ll keep you up-to-date with new scholarships that are added and deadlines that are coming up. We’ll also have guest spots from our Scholarship Providers giving you an inside look at life on campus.

Are You Green to Go?

Initial event registration less than a week away! Are you excited? I am!

But before you get too excited – make sure you are ‘green to go’.

When you first log into TIMS, you are taken to the ‘My FRC Dashboard’ screen. On that screen, you will see a section that looks like this, but with your team number and name filled in:

New FRC Regional in Australia!

The rumors are true! We will have an official FRC Regional Down Under in the 2015 season. We couldn’t be more excited about this, or about helping our friends at Macquarie University, who honestly are doing most of the heavy lifting, make this happen. It will be a Week 3 event. Look for more details in the events listing:

Inter-District Play for 2015

I’ve got some good news. A cross-functional task force, which included volunteers from all five FRC Districts, has developed a way to allow district teams to participate in district events other than their own.

FRC + FRC GameSense = Behind the Lines

This is Hannah, FRC Program Coordinator, taking over the FRC Blog with some important news!

Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Event Registration

We still have many FRC teams that have that have not completed the Youth Protection Program (YPP) screening required for them to register for events.  As we’ve noted before in this blog, and blasted several times in emails, both your Main (Lead Mentor 1) and Alternate (Lead Mentor 2) Contacts must pass YPP screening before you will be able to register for your first event starting at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, September 25th.  Only two weeks away!

Safety Superheroes & Comic Con

Taking over the blog today is Hannah Foust, FRC Program Coordinator.  Hannah is responsible for working with UL in setting up the Safety Animation Award, and handles a number of other important tasks too numerous to list.  Please see Hannah's note below.


2015 Safety Animation Award Theme

Here’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for!  [Drumroll]