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To Ship Free or not to Ship Free?

Today's blog post is from FRC Logistics Manager, Krista Pratt.

We are very excited to have 600 FRC teams attending the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MO. One expanded logistical challenge is robot return shipments from St. Louis.

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Check out this great TV show from Michigan about FRC.

The show is produced by the State Champs! Network, which is dedicated to High School sports in Michigan, and is broadcast on several local TV channels as well as made available on the web. Weekly shows throughout the season are planned.

Enhanced Chairman’s Award Resources

Event Results and API Data Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on our event results and API data challenges. The good news is that all data from every Week 1 event has been retained, so we have all we need to fully populate the event results information pages and calculate district ranking. If you check the results pages now, you will see partial information has already been populated. We’ve also made available additional processing resources to help us deal with the loads we are experiencing during events.

Dallas Regional Final Match

Some of you are aware that two robots participating in the final match at the Dallas Regional were disabled before the match began, and that has generated controversy. We are currently gathering information from folks directly involved in the situation. I will have more to share once the facts are in. I am not pre-judging this particular situation, but at our events we want to ensure all participants are being treated courteously and fairly in accordance with the rules.


Event Results and API Data

Today’s brief blog is from the FRC software team:

We are aware of tournament data not publishing consistently for all events. The root cause has not been determined, and at this point, we don’t expect resolution for week 1 events. Because of this, developers relying on this data for their own applications will not be able to relay the data on our behalf. This issue only inhibits the data being reported out by events, and the results and rankings reported at events are unaffected. Please accept our apologies for any frustrations.