Over two
decades ago,
organization came
together to help change a world
where the values of young people
were skewed toward entertainment and
sports. Our goal was, and still is, to create
a world where science and technology is
recognized and celebrated. We imagine
a world where young people can be
exposed to the fun and excitement of
science and technology in hopes that
they choose it as a career path,
becoming tomorrow’s so very needed
technological leaders.
While decades of effort and investment
by hundreds of thousands of adult
Volunteers, thousands of companies big and small,
sports and entertainment moguls, and government
leaders have grown our once tiny organization into a
global force for change, we are still far from reaching
our goal. Far too many teachers and students have
yet to discover FIRST, or do not have the opportunity
to get involved. We continue to pursue our mission by
working to make FIRST available to every student who
wants to participate.
It takes an active and engaged community to
make these changes. What can you do?
Volunteer locally. Become a Mentor. Help raise funds.
Sponsor a team. Commit your company’s
time, people, and resources.
Help spread the
word wherever you can. With your
help and support, we hope to see FIRST
flourish in all of our schools and community
organizations. Our world desperately needs the
next generation of inspired scientists and engineers
that FIRST can help produce.
We offer our heartfelt gratitude to a small
army of people from many fields who lend their
influence, time, and resources to help us effect
change: President Barack Obama; entertainment
mogul; NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar;
key government representatives; numerous
Fortune 100 CEOs; members of the FIRST Board
of Directors; and so many more who offer their
brilliance and vision. Our sincere and humble
gratitude to our growing and indispensable
collection of Volunteers, Sponsors, Mentors,
teachers, parents, friends, and fans who make
FIRST run and help it grow. Thank you all!
We continue to commit ourselves
to the task of making FIRST programs
available to every child who dreams big, and
to every adult who believes in the importance
of developing our next technological wonders.
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Compete like crazy, but also help the other teams.
Sport for the Mind™
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team practices: respect for others, being a good sport, sharing what you learned.
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Dean Kamen, FIRST Founder
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