FIRST Newsletter - September, 2011 - Unsung Heroes

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The Unsung Heroes: FIRST Volunteers, Sponsors, and Suppliers

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The celebration of 20 years of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and the anticipation of the next 20 years would not be possible without a widespread belief and investment in the FIRST mission. Here’s to those who have turned possibilities into realities!

Volunteers: the growth and success of FRC is a direct result of the efforts of the technical and non-technical Mentors, parents, teachers, community leaders, and citizens who volunteer endless hours of their time, as well as their talent, to the organization. 

Sponsors: a strong network of corporations, educational and professional institutions, and individuals provides funding, mentorship time and talent, volunteerism, equipment, and more to bring the FRC experience to tens of thousands of young people each year. View our 20th season Kickoff Sponsors, Regional Event Sponsors, and Team Sponsors

Suppliers: putting together the Kit of Parts is a tremendous undertaking, requiring help from a wide variety of willing and generous Suppliers who each year provide resources for the FRC Kit of Parts.

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