FIRST shares a fundamental vision with organizations, corporations, foundations, institutions, colleges and universities, and others, that are committed to sustaining key programs that ‘ignite young minds.’ These important national Alliance relationships play a key role in our success by increasing FIRST visibility and providing valuable resources. When aligned at the state/local level, Alliances can have a significant impact in the community by creating more teams, engaging more Mentors and most importantly, reaching more students than ever before.

These important Alliance groups:

  • advocate and promote career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in grades K-12;
  • look to build on existing STEM related programs; and/or
  • seek ways to engage their memberships in FIRST Mentor/Coach opportunities as a means of:
    • workforce development; increased community involvement; and encouraging their employees to give back to the communities where they live/work.

Recognizing the importance of building strong, strategic Alliances that can accomplish this shared vision, FIRST welcomes the opportunity to develop new, mutually beneficial relationships, with like-minded groups, at any time. FIRST can help build on your group‟s existing programs or collaborate on new initiatives that promote science and technology for young people. If your organization would like to learn more, please contact Carla Proulx, FIRST Alliances Manager at

Current Alliances in chronological order:

UL logo   Girl Scouts of the USA Logo
Joined 2005 Joined 2014- View Girls Scouts press release

MIT Alumni Association Logo Society of Women Engineers
Joined 2009 - View MIT Alumni Association press release  Joined 2009 - View SWE press release

Automation Federation LogoISA Logo
Joined 2009 Joined 2010 - View Automation Federation press release

Yale Science and Engineerng Association Logo National Robotics Week
Joined 2011 - View Yale press release Joined 2011 - View National Robotics Week press release

Boys & Girls Clubs
Joined 2012 Joined 2011 - View BGCA press release
View Video - BGCA in Pittsburgh

Joined 2014 - View ASEE press release